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Pembroke Orthodontics is part of the award winning Pembroke Dental providing dental and specialist dental services in the South East.

Tooth Straightening involves more than the look and appearance of your teeth; it is also about your bite and facial harmony. At Pembroke Orthodontics, we aim to help our patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile in conjunction with a stable bite and harmonious facial symmetry.

Our Specialist Orthodontists, Dr. Akram Jasim, and Dr. Sandor Kisznyer provide a full range of tooth straightening options such as metal and ceramic [white] braces for adults and children. Both are accredited specialist Invisalign and Invisalign Teen providers who can perform advanced tooth straightening with these world-renowned clear braces systems using the latest 3D digital scanning technology, the ITERO scanner. At Pembroke Orthodontics we create beautiful natural smiles.

Our mission is to help you feel confident and comfortable with your smile. A visit to Pembroke Orthodontics can be a life changing journey.

Our Specialist Team and cutting edge digital technology make us the smart choice. Regain confidence and Love your smile.

  • Our History and Culture

    Pembroke Orthodontics is part of award winning Pembroke Dental who have been proudly providing unparalleled dentistry across the southeast of Ireland for over 60 years. We have gained a trusted reputation for our quality dentistry. Our team has grown over the years and now comprises of Dental Specialists as well as Practitioners in skin, eye care, podiatry, and physical therapy.

    Pembroke Dental has established operations in Carlow, Bunclody, Waterford City and Wexford Town. Waterford Braces became part of the Pembroke Dental 2018, joining Pembroke Orthodontics.

    Pembroke Orthodontics offers patients an extensive package of treatment solutions supported with trust, integrity, and experience. Our expertise is founded on years of training and experience supplying complete innovative dental straightening options including Invisalign®, the leading clear aligners provider.

    As a highly engaged team of passionate and inspired people, we pride ourselves on our sensitivity and insight to our Patients dental complexities and their needs. We provide treatment plans that are valued by our Patients because they are bespoke, appropriate and comprehensive while being affordable.

    Pembroke Orthodontics – Creating Natural Beautiful Smiles

  • Your First Appointment

    Call us on the numbers below and speak to one of our Patient Care Team to arrange your initial FREE consultation appointment. We will send you details confirming your appointment date and time via text message. Information about how to find us will also be included.

    On arrival, you will welcomed by our Patient Care Team who will introduce our practice and ask you to complete a new Patient Registration Form. Our friendly team will answer any questions you may have before meeting your Orthodontist. The services of our Patient Care Coordinator Rose are also available to you throughout your Orthodontic journey.

    Your meeting with the Orthodontist will last approximate half an hour. During this time the Orthodontist will gain an understanding of what your concerns are and what you would like to change about your smile. He will examine your teeth, where they are in relation to your face when you smile and are at rest. The Orthodontist will then recommend a tailored treatment plan for you and explain what results you can expect. He will also be able to do a final result simulation using 3D scanning allowing you to leave with confidence in your treatment choice. At Pembroke Orthodontics we want to help you regain confidence in your beautiful smile

    You will be allowed all the time needed to ask any questions, our Orthodontist and our Orthodontic Patient Care Team are here to help in any way the can. At Pembroke Orthodontics we understand every patient is different and we tailor a treatment plan according to your needs and requirements. We want your meeting to be pleasurable and informative so you can leave with confidence that you are in the best hands.

    After your consultation you will be sent a Treatment Plan by our patient Coordinator Rose. The Treatment Plan will provide you details of your tailored treatment plan, costings, and options regarding payment. Our proposal will also give you some practical advice as well as giving you further information on your Specialist Orthodontists. One of the things we are most proud of in Pembroke Orthodontics is that you will be seen and treated by your Specialist Orthodontists' at every visit ensuring all work is delivered to the highest of standards always.

  • Pricing

    The price of our teeth straightening options varies depending on the recommended treatment plan following discussion of appropriate treatment options with our Orthodontist. Our payment options include an INTEREST FREE payment plan payable by Direct Debit during active treatment [initial payment deposit required].

    Metal Braces (Upper and Lower) - € 3,395
    Ceramic Braces (Upper and Lower) - € 3,995
    Invisalign (Upper and Lower) - € 4,595
    Invisalign Teen (Upper and Lower) - € 4,595
    Invisalign Lite (Upper and Lower) - € 3,095

    Average Monthly Payment Plans € 150.00 To € 300.00 (As low as € 35.00 Per Week)

    Fixed Term INTEREST FREE Payment Plans Available

    5% Up Front Payment Discount

    Family Discount Available

    Free Consultation

    Treatment Plan, Pricing and Payment Plan options provided by your Patient Care Coordinator

  • Specialist Team

    At Pembroke Orthodontics, we provide you with the highest level of adult and children orthodontic care in a friendly and relaxed environment. Our experienced team will take the time to assess your mouth and understand the result you want to achieve before making their recommendations based on your individual requirements and circumstances. At the end of treatment, you will not only have a confident smile to be proud of, but many patients also find their new, straighter teeth are easier to keep clean so that you will benefit from improved dental health too.

  • Locations and Telephone

    2 Grattan Quay, Waterford: Tel. 051-870 795

    Carrigduff, Bunclody: Tel. 053-937 5347

    Pembroke, Carlow: Tel. 059-913 1667

    Redmond Square, Wexford Town: Tel. 053-919 8538

Teeth Straightening Treatments

Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Lite clear aligners are removable and help straighten teeth almost invisibly


Invisalign aligner trays are a versatile treatment for patients who want an unobtrusive braces system that is virtually invisible. Invisalign is a series of clear aligners trays that gently move the position for your teeth and straighten them. Find Out More

Damon metal braces are fast, fixed braces that use a unique low friction mechanism

Ceramic White Braces

Ceramic braces are tooth-coloured brackets now are a great option to make braces less noticeable. This clear style of braces is popular with teens and adults who want to make a less noticeable statement with their commitment to a healthier set of teeth. Find Out More

Advanced dental orthodontic treatments using the latest digital technology to create straight teeth

Damon Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are still the most effective and least expensive option for treating orthodontic problems such as overcrowding or misplaced teeth. We can control the teeth movements very precisely and in small increments at a time using metal braces. Find Out More

Orthodontic dental retainers to help keep your teeth straight for longer>


Retainers are the best means of maintaining your fabulous new smile once we’ve helped you to craft it. Find Out More

Advancing Digital Dentistry

At Pembroke Orthodontics we are delighted to introduce the iTero® 3D scanner. This revolutionary piece of digital technology visually scans patients' teeth and oral structures, creating a three-dimensional dental images in minutes. These cutting-edge images help our Orthodontists visualise and diagnose orthodontic problems, helping to deliver the best treatment plans for patients.

The iTero® scanner can also show you the outcome of the Invisalign treatment before you start your orthodontic journey! This technology improves your experience because you will see what final result you can expect. You can feel more confident that your proposed treatment plan best fits your individual needs and more importantly, your expectations.

At Pembroke Orthodontics, we are committed to being an innovative and indispensable partner, supporting you throughout your treatment journey. Unleash the power of the most advanced technology for your smile.

Dr. Akram Jasim

Dr. Jasim graduated in 1995 from the University of Baghdad, Iraq. After practicing in his general dental practice for ten years, he completed a three-year postgraduate orthodontic training programme after which he was awarded a Masters of Science degree in Orthodontics in 2004. He has lectured in orthodontics at the University of Anbar in Iraq and was involved in developing the university syllabus. The position also allowed him to develop academic and scientific research and to participate in many professional conferences. He attained his Membership and Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin in 2014. He is included in the Specialist Register of Orthodontists in Ireland.

Dr. Sandor Kisznyer

Dr. Sandor Kisznyer graduated in 2011 from the University of Szeged, Hungary. He started his orthodontic career working in the Faculty of Orthodontics and Paediatric Dentistry, University of Szeged, successfully treating severe orthodontic cases which frequently required orthognathic surgery including cleft palate with both function and fixed appliances. He also lectured in Orthodontics at the University of Szeged, assisting students in developing their diagnosis and treatment skills before moving to Ireland in 2014. Since then he has been working in private practice treating both adults and children. He is a Platinum provider of Invisalign and has a keen interest in digital orthodontics. He is included in the Specialist Register of Orthodontiss in Ireland.

Dr Sandor our Orthodontic Specialist

Invisalign | Invisalign Teen | Invisalign Lite

This is an outstanding way to straighten teeth without having to wear traditional metal braces when provided by your specialist Invisalign® providers. Invisible aligners are custom designed to reposition teeth sequentially and smoothly during Invisalign® treatment. They are removable, comfortable and highly effective. These Clear aligners which can be removed when eating and cleaning to lessen their impact on day to day living.

One of the main concerns for adults that deter them seeking orthodontic treatment is the thought of obvious braces having an impact on their work and social life. Invisalign® offers a fantastic alternative for straightening teeth that is very discreet; in fact, many patients report that others were not even aware they were wearing clear aligners.

The Invisalign® system involves the creation of a series of thin, custom-made clear aligners that fit over your teeth like an unobtrusive mouth guard, gradually moving them into their correct position. You will need to visit our orthodontist every few weeks so that they can assess your progress and issue your new aligners, so straightening straightening and alignment can continue until you have the smile you have always wanted. Contact Us Here

Fixed Braces (Ceramic and White)

Fixed braces are familiar to many patients and are a traditional and highly effective form of orthodontic treatment. Modern appliances are smaller and less noticeable than in the past, and there is also the option for white ‘ceramic’ brackets and wires, which make the treatment even more discreet. Fixed braces provide an excellent way to effectively straighten teeth, improve their alignment and reduce bite problems.

Patients with a fixed braces will have brackets individually attached to the front of each tooth, which are then all connected by a wire which exerts gentle pressure and traction on the teeth to encourage them to move to their correct position. Fixed braces are highly effective for treating most orthodontic issues, including severe crowding and malocclusions and overall, can be the quickest most profound way of providing the best treatment result.

If you are cosidering orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, our Orthodontist will begin by making a full assessment of the mouth and teeth, so they can make a recommendation about the most suitable plan will be created for you. Contact Us Here


Retainers are the best means of maintaining your fabulous new smile once we’ve helped you to craft it. We are experts in the selection and fitting of all kinds of retainer, and with various options available to suit your lifestyle (fixed, removable, plastic, wire, whole mouth and half mouth) your retainer needn’t be a nuisance.

Retainers are designed to keep you teeth straight in their ideal position and can either be removable or fixed unobtrusively to the back of your teeth. If you do not wear retainers as directed by your Orthodontist, your teeth are likely to drift towards the original positions. If this does happen it may be difficult or impossible to correct.

Normal age changes occur in the human body - in the mouth, these age changes show up as gum recession, increased lower front teeth crowding and increased turning of twisted or rotated teeth. Having orthodontic treatment does not grant immunity to these normal changes. These age changes do vary in severity and are also dependant on your overall dental health. Therefore, we recommend that you wear your retainers as directed by your Orthodontist and attend your general dentist regularly to maintain the health of your teeth and gums - helping to keep your teeth straight. It's now your responsibility. Contact Us Here

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At Pembroke Orthodontics we have a team of experts who are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care.

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Dr Akram Jasim

Sandor Kisznyer

Dr Sandor Kisznyer


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